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I know that this thread hasn't been active for a while, but I'm posting on it because I just recently got this deck. I've been using it for about a month now, and was debating whether or not to use reversals. So I decided to ask the cards themselves whether or not to use them. I did a reading. And what I got did seem, by my interpretation, to be a positive answer, one encouraging me to use reversals with this deck.

I think that that might be a good technique to use with any deck, any time someone is wondering whether or not to use reversals with it. Just ask the cards. And yes, for the reading that I did I did use them, and had mixed up the cards deliberately to insure that half of them would be upside down.

Then I did some readings on some areas of my life, and the readings, with reversals, made a lot of sense. The readings gave more specfic information than when I was using the cards all upright. I think that this is the tendency when using reversals, and is why I prefer to use them when I can.

I realize that it's a matter of preference, but I can see nothing to prevent a person from using reversals, if they choose to, with this deck. It is a very RWS-based deck, and many people do use reversals with the RWS decks. So it's not like a reversed card would be much harder to interpret than one in any other RWS-based deck.

As far as the backs go, yes, you will know whether or not the card coming up is right side up or not. But you won't know specifically which card it is. To me, it's not really important. In fact, I find the backs of the cards a good way to help interpret reversed cards. When a card is upright, the sun side is up, and time flows forward, that is, the sand in the hourglass flows downward. When the card is reversed, the moon is up. This might represent the nighttime, or darker aspects of the card. Also, time flows backwards, that is, the sand in the hourglass flows upwards. This seems symbolic of the negative energies that can be at work when a reversed card comes up in a reading.

So, my view on using reversals with this deck is yes, I think it's great.
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