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Question Sacred Circle Study - Have you noticed ... ?

Was just sitting looking through all the cards of the Sacred Circle deck and started to notice that some of the background landscapes where the same in some cards.

Wondered if this means something, like is there a connection between those cards because they have the same place in the background. Or is it just a coincidence that the designer of the deck has used the same photograph for a back drop.

Have listed below the cards that look like they have the same place in them.

Sacrifice (12); Death (13); 2 of Cups (Harmony) and 3 of Cups (Resolution).

The Web (11); 9 of Swords (Suffering) and Knight of Swords (Change) - same tree

9 of Cups (Stability) and Queen of Cups (Intuition)

4 of Cups (Discontent); 4 of Discs (Materialism); 6 of Swords (Solace)

3 of Wands (Foundation); Ace of Cups (Spirituality) and 10 of Cups (Reward)

High Priestess (2); Ace of Discs (Abundance) and 2 of Swords (Opposition)

7 of Cups (Delusion) and 5 of Discs (Restriction)

The Druid (5) and King of Wands (Fire)

The Tower (15) and 6 of Cups (Nostalgia) - with this one it makes me think that the 6 of Cups (Nostalgia) might be remembering or looking back at the time before the Tower incident.

Had a very quick look in the book on a couple of the cards and could not see anything referring to the same image - although running late for work now so will have a better look later.

Has anyone else noticed this or any others?

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