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Originally Posted by pacificwaters View Post
Thank you for reading for me Sharla. Your elucidating each point as well as the +/- signs really helped me understand how you reached the conclusion. Coming to the feedback...

The association of Tarot and Saturn is something I was not aware of Like you said I am indeed currently struggling with readings. I draw a blank whenever I take up a chart despite theoretically knowing what the planet and houses yes struggling to understand what they say could be the correct way to put it. When I compare my mental status with Tarot (as compared to astrology), this however doesn’t happen and I am able to see what the cards are telling me without any struggle!!
Saturn is not associated with saturn per say, in this chart saturn is only "representing" tarot. 1st house is yourself, 9th house is (astrology) 9th from 9th turned 5th is Aquarius lord thats how i got satrun for tarot.

These are exactly the feelings that are prevalent within me right now

I couldn’t understand how you got this interp, but yes right now there is this fighting spirit in me that wants to keep trying astrology and not accept failure, despite signs that I might not be winning the war (if thats the correct word) in trying to understand what the charts want to tell me.

Could you please explain how “...jupiter the natural ruler of 9th and the moon are moving towards eachother = (+2)” Would like to understand the logic for getting +2 here
Jupiter which is the natural ruler of sagittarius/9th house (the 9th house being which your asking about....jupiter is in your 1st house retrograding back towards the moon (+1) the moon is flowing towards jupiter and asc (+1) = 2.

I started off with astrology being the 1st 9th house and tarot being the turned 9th house....just noticed too, not sure if i added this but this house has POF posited inside, so this is another indication that tarots best for you.

Exactly the feelings running inside me.

I guess you meant to imply that..down the line I will feel astrology is not for me??

Thanks for the reading and the explanation

Yes i meant down the line.

Astrology is very different to Tarot and there is a lot to take into account when reading charts. So even though this chart says this now, this doesn't mean that you couldn't change this...the charts not set in stone.

Depending on how badly you wanted to get more into astrology you'd have to put the work into it, and maybe even put tarot to one side for now and see how you go.

Maybe the charts even just picked up how you feel now, as in finding tarot much easier to work with.
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