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the secret hidaway ...

I was so looking forward to getting to this card. Because it is one of my favourites in the deck. I love the image.

The figure seems to be underground, in a safe little pod or shallow grave. He puts his hand up as a pillow for his head. He is not asleep yet, but he is safe, warm and rested. The large feather floats gently down. Soon, it will be ontop of him, providing a secret hideaway from the rest of the world, where nobody can find him. It will be his bedding or duvet, while he rests up. The road, moving into the distance shows how far this man has stepped out of his own, manic reality. And we can all get there in sleep, meditation or some kind of mental break from our every day lives.

The air is chilled and still. It mirrors his quietened mind.

There were times when my mind was all over the place. When I was at university, I was so confused and upset for a while, that I had to return to my parents. Like the previous card, I was upset, hurting and bleeding from the dark places within. My tutor suggested I go home and stay with my parents and take a break. They provided that safe dwelling for me - just like the little warm pod that this guy sleeps in. I felt comforted and warm. And I eased all of the deep wounds inflicted by the 'Three of Feathers'. My mind was eventually stilled and allowed to repair in time.

This card represents a safe haven or somewhere we can step to, leaving problems and bad thoughts behind. It might be some kind of therapy or rehab, a massage to relax, a good sleep or maybe a night out with the girls, rather than thinking about what is going on at the office and in your work. It is time out.

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