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This was another card that was created very quickly, much like the Moon card. This was the first version and we've never felt any need to alter it in subsequent revisions. It just said everything Kay wanted to say at first attempt.

My own impression when we'd created the image was of a tower not about to collapse, but about to explode through being energy charged. One of my personal favourite Tower cards is the one from Ellen Cannon Reid's Witches Tarot (Llewellyn). You get a sense in that card of something similar - The destructive force is within, waiting to burst forth. In my own experiences, the Tower has often been an inner state rather than an outer one. it's what's going on inside that can often be the most destructive, burning from within. As Kay rightly points out though, The Tower, the destruction it symbolises and also the chaotic and ever changing nature of quantum foam are symbolic of change making way for development.

Chris. xx
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