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This card used to be a frustration card for me when I first started with this deck 10yrs ago. I just couldn't understand the relevance of it being as I was a staunch self-sufficient individual with no close acquaintances since leaving high school. I had gone off into the wider world armed with bags of ambition and arrogance about how quickly I was going to make my mark in the world and other child-like dreams that young adults are often afflicted with.

It is once again stalking me after spending a very long time hidden somewhere within the deck. Now it takes on a new meaning for me. Now that I am world weary and jaded somewhat this cheerful little card reminds me of what I left behind when I also left my adolescence behind. I'm reminded of the pure and simple joy that sharing space with a like mind can bring. It tells me how lonely I actually feel when I try and do it all on my own and I am reminded of the Hobbit hole known as Bag End and how such a place is warm and inviting when filled with visitors and haunting when it's home to just one.

Friend's isn't just about what you can get out of companionship, things like support and comfort are lovely things but shouldn't be the reason for companionship. Pure appreciation for the other people around you is what is beneath friendships. Just having a person you appreciate in your sphere, not even doing anything except being there, is an enormous comfort and joy all on it's own. In this age of digital connections we are losing the ephemeral quality that someone's physical presence brings to our lives. Friendships are being replaced by networks which aren't at all the same thing. A network is a transactional arrangement, a series of contacts that might prove useful one day. The more digitally connected we become ironically the more separated we are from the basic nature of company. We're replacing presence with #tags and likes, neither of which bring any delight, joy or comfort at all.

This card speaks of true companionship, maintaining connections based on presence and authenticity. Truly knowing what is in the other person's heart and caring for their wellbeing. Digital connections are fake friendships, they require nothing and are used like currency. Digital friendships are made up between people who hardly know each other with no intention to ever get to know them. This card is a call to move back into authentic companionship with others which requires that we open our hearts and get to know more than their online status. We must learn to listen and also to appreciate the qualities that others embodies. This is a lifetime endeavour requiring attention and intention.
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