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Miranda arrived, safe and sound, today, but her holder is not here, yet. I am also awaiting the books on crystal balls so she will get her grand viewing in a few days, if all goes as planned. In the meantime I am having a glorious time just looking at her from various angles and getting to know her. She has so many cool things. Occlusions, inclusions (whatever!) planes, little rainbows, a few bubble like spaces, a bit of cloud and then these lovely swirls of what looks like mist dancing inside of her! Plus some very clear areas. It is amazing how different she looks from every angle! I love her and she actually seems much bigger than I expected. I can't imagine working with one larger than this, even though at first I was disappointed she was only 3.5. She seems a perfect size for me! I am thrilled! She also has informed me that she wants some black velvet for a background, to show herself off best! Hmm....
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