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Originally Posted by Enchanted
When I first looked at this card, into my mind came "How does your garden grow?" The answer "pretty damn fine!" Your efforts have born fruit, that planted seed has grown, with all your efforts and look what it has become. Well done you!!!

Sometimes for me the pentacles are about effort, hard work, dedication, study, planning, which is why I find it hard to see this card, or more, the woman that is usually depicted on this card as a "kept" woman. For me, it is the epitome of solid effort, and here is the reward, the results.
Yes 'How does your garden grow?' goes really well with this card

The 'kept woman' analogy doesn't work for me either and for the very reasons you've mentioned. When I see the woman in the garden I think that she has worked hard for what she's got herself... She's not a sit around do nothing type of gal. I reckon that if she's got the nouse to train a falcon then she's probably made her fortune herself.
The way the plants have been cut and tied with a ribbon makes me think that whoever has cut them down has done so to enjoy them and they've grown and tended them themselves too. They are the fruits of someone's labour.

Originally Posted by Enchanted
that is great, it makes a whole lot of sense to me. Perhaps you could even take it one step further. Not only, not worrying about what others have but REALLY taking the time to acknowledge your own worth and accomplishments. Take the time to smell the roses, give yourself a pat on the back for what you have achieved, not deride yourself what you have YET to achieve.

If you tie this card back to the Hermit, I like to think of it as the capacity to be happy alone, to depend only on yourself and to be able to take care of yourself. Sometimes, I think that that can be a piece of advice from this card... it's ME time! Forget everyone else for a bit, take time for you.

Take a break, take a potter around your garden, or a park, go for a stroll, just enjoy all the earthly sensations, the smell of freshly mowed grass, the way after rain has fallen, the leaves on the trees shimmer as the raindrops stay on them like lots of little lights when the sun shines on them. A butterfly that dances its way around you, the song of birds. Simple, yet inherently naturally magical. This is what this depiction of the 9 of pentacles says to me.

If I were to rename this card, I would want to call it "Grace", that word really personifies this card for me.
I really like this.
The advice I got from the cards a few weeks ago was more along the lines of 'put your own house in order before you worry about others' but I've also had the 9 of Coins telling me to do just what you advise, to look at my achievements and pat myself on the back
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