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Originally Posted by Sulis
The way the plants have been cut and tied with a ribbon makes me think that whoever has cut them down has done so to enjoy them and they've grown and tended them themselves too. They are the fruits of someone's labour.
Yes, I very much see craft like hobbies in this card, the way it is arranged with the ribbon at the bottom, it almost looks like something you could make or arrange yourself. The ribbon seems to add a prettiness and also a completeness, like the finishing touch, or something that has been crafted with a great attention to detail. Hmmm, perhaps there could be a piece of advice there too... pay attention to the little details? Maybe?
Originally Posted by Papageno
I'm having a problem grasping the solitude thing....Hermit #9 etc. just never been able to grasp this concept of singularity that everybody sees tending your own garden? in your own little world?
I had problems with this also, until recently, one of those lightbulb moments which are always so nice! I always felt like I kinda got it, but not really, something was missing. I feel like the 9 of Pentacles, like the Hermit, knows the difference between being "alone" and being "lonely". And there is a difference. The woman (that is usually depicted on this card) never looks lonely to me, she is happy... contented, to be on her own. And I think that she would welcome company, but she is content either way. And this card I feel practically beckons company, it almost looks like a table arrangement at some fancy dinner party, or a napkin ring... all of course home made but nonetheless lovely, in fact probably more so! This card feels very celebratory to me in many ways.

In ties to the Hermit, I also do get a certain amount of spiritualness from this card, but perhaps more in an inner sense and perhaps too more in a connection to nature kind of way. If you think about it in purely practical terms, if your material needs are met, then you are able to turn your attention to the more spiritual side of your life. Free from worry and want. Perhaps it is about how you spend your free time, your alone time, what you do for pleasure and to find peace.

The ribbon, in some respects reminds me of the hedge like walls of the garden in some depictions of this card. The woman appears contained, much like this arrangement. I almost see that as some kind of cocoon, safe in the garden, shutting out the outside world, noise and distraction, but I don't think this is necessarily in a bad way, perhaps again this echoes the Hermit, it is a way to find peace within yourself.
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