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I think that Enchanted is right about the lonliness / aloneness thing.
The Hermit is alone because he chooses to be alone. He has taken himself away from people and society as part of his spiritual journey or quest.
He's alone but he isn't lonely (I don't think he is anyway).
He's on a quest for enlightenment or wisdom but he'll help others if they stumble upon him.

As well as that I like to think of nines relating to The Hermit because The Hermit is old. He is wise but that's because he has lived so long. In older decks he was represented by Saturn or Father Time. He's at the end of his journey (almost) and he spends his time looking at how he's got to where he is and also looking forward, maybe to his next life and that's what we do in the nines.
Nines are that pause before we reach ten and begin again. They are times of assessment and also of planning and it's that, as well as the aloneness that makes me think of The Hermit.

With the 9 of Pentacles you've worked for what you've got and now you can enjoy the product of your hard work.. You're self sufficient, you can look after yourself. You don't need anyone else to make you happy but if someone else comes along then that's ok too..
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