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The twins are called the warrior twins (dioscuri) , and are considered the more aggressive side of air. The myth is Zues the king of gods was crazy about their mother who was the queen of sparta, she wasn't interested in him which made him quite upset so he turned himself into a swan and raped her and impregnated her with 2 eggs, she was already pregnant by her husband so she ended up having 2 mortal children from one egg, and 2 divine children from the other, 2 girls and 2 boys, the dioscuri are the twin boys, they were identical but one was mortal and one was divine, they were never separated in their lives and were considered the pride of sparta. In the end one of them gets killed during an argument (they were known to start arguments) with another set of twins.
The knight of swords in this deck shakes things up a bit, he is of big changes, dissarray, and disruptions but also being able to roll with the changes and go with the flow.
It's a fascinating story! and one of my favorites
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