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The Dioscuri, twins Polydueces and Castor, are dressed in battle armor, each holding a sword and both mounted on the same horse, which appears to be ready to take off.

  • their mother Leda was impregnated by both Zeus and her husband King Tyndareos of Sparts; she gave birth to two sets of twins Ė Castor and Clytemnestra by her husband and Polydeuces and Helen by Zeus, so Castor was mortal and Polydeuces divine
  • the brothers were known as the Warrior Twins because they were both pugnacious and known for their propensity to start quarrels
  • they were always together in adventures
  • Castor was killed in a fight with another pair of twins; Polydueces killed the other twin and Zeus struck dead with a thunderbolt the twin who killed Castor
  • Polydeuces refused immortality unless Castor was there to share it with him, so Zeus allows them to split their time between Olympus and Hades
  • the flexible, volatile and changeable dimension of the element of Air
  • the capacity of the mind to be taken over by a new idea or sudden inspiration that throws the old order into chaos and leaves behind change
  • a duality or duplicity in the mental realm because new ideas either start conflict or are themselves ambivalent and full of conflict
  • a callousness that takes no account of human feeling as shown when one is suddenly possessed by an idea that demands one hurt another
  • abandoning responsibilities and ties in order to pursue some new and youthful adventure
  • not being able to bear growing older, stagnating or becoming bored
  • conflict and movement are natural, and one canít spend too long feeling guilty about who might be hurt when the mind abruptly turns and moves in a different direction
  • a search for communication and new concepts
  • penchant for continual change and need for variety
  • the need for variety
  • mercurial energy
  • lighthearted and carefree manner
  • the need to be constantly on the move
Random Thoughts
  • Charge!
  • roll with the punches
  • me and my shadow
  • together through thick and thin
  • irresponsible and immature
  • mid-life crisis
  • fickleness
  • variety is the spice of life

Keyword/phrase that I came up with in my workbook on 15Aug91 was "constant change".

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