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Originally Posted by wooden-eye View Post
A few more to look at.
Some need work.
I stuffed one today.
Note to self; Do not attempt to paint a grey furry dog at a weird angle, in the dark.
(that is a hard sentence to punctuate, needless to say, it was the dog, not I, who was at a weird angle, in the dark).
I wrangled with the subject matter for a couple of hours, trying to employ all manner of artistic no avail....I have a badly drawn dog and no use for him.
Off down the road with ya, Poor little Hobo.
Oh I LOVE them... the Oysters... oh man I have had one of those days... with mussel shells, feet ripped to shreds after a slightly drunken 3.00am skinny dip... That will have such significance for me... I already have its meanings

Colours are gorgeous... loving the midnight tones of this deck..
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