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I read for other people on here and in my friends circle but not professionally. I read for myself as well. I agree with you about keeping it simple Rhinemaiden. My fave way of doing it of all is 3 cards with no positions. I have been challenging myself with large spreads and I must do them more often! I do a whole lot of different divination methods and really into experimenting to see what happens, mixing it all up a bit.

I think my "style" is quite empathetic, almost like counselling. I like to see the problems and then offer options and solutions. I really want my readings to be helpful in some way. I know some people like the harsh truth or other styles but mine are gentle.

I realised the other day really interestingly that some people love having a question or a topic to read on, I quite like doing a general reading and working on the theme or what comes up. I like to see what comes up and the describe the whole situation without knowing it. When that comes true, and 'fits' the sitters life, it makes me so smiley

I am a little bit anti celtic cross but sometimes it's so useful! Spreads have a purpose and sometimes I just like freehand more
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