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I like to be useful to my clients. Most people who don't understand that Tarot is a philosophical tool, come to a reader (at least in my community) with a problem or a dilemma, or a set of them, and they often don't want to tell you what it is (like the person who goes to the doctor and doesn't tell them the symptoms).

So for the majority of my clients my approach is to look for strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and pitfalls, and then for suggestions as to how they can make the most of the positives and avoid or prepare for the negatives.

If a person arrives tense and leaves relieved, I feel I have been useful and I have done my job. I don't have to get deep every time, and I don't have to stay on the one track. I also feel that I cannot actually tell a client what to do in a given situation in their life: even if there is an obvious course of action, I can only recommend it and point out that any actual decision-making in their lives has to be done by them, not by me.

Recently I had a client who wanted to spend the reading talking about the complicated property-issues that emerged when their partner died. So that was what we looked at. A week later they turned up, asking me why I hadn't predicted the car accident they on the way home from seeing me. Well, plainly because I was asked to read on a definite limited topic! Which I knew was upsetting and unsettling, and at the end of the reading, I *did* recommend that they go to a café, have a coffee and sit down for a while. It would have been grounding and calming, and may have prevented the accident. <sigh>
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