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OK, so I was in an angry mood from having to deal with Etsy nonsense -- but I have calmed down, backed down from my position in that last post; everything is restored to normal in the universe -- including the fact that Etsy is still a pain in the ass -- but one I will live with a while longer.

Meanwhile, I have a new product. It doesn't fit anywhere else on these forums, so I'll just stick it here, in the midst of my rants and other blathering:

NEW “Salon Art Cards” feature some of my most popular tarot card designs on jumbo-sized (3.5" x 5.75") cards with manifold applications. They are regulation USPS postcard-sized, yet they*still fit into a regular business-sized mailing envelope,*so you can send them either way. *Use them as Post Cards, Invitations, Note Cards — or as the most impressive calling cards any of your contacts has ever seen. Post Card Backs are available singly or by the box. See them here:
… and be sure to visit the main site,
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