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Smile Hi Laurelle

Thanks for your input and advice.

The whole spread:

The relationship right now: death rx
Her feelings about the relationship: 7 of swords rx
Her potential partner's/feelings: queen of pentacles rx
Obstacles and blocks: knight of pentacles
Her best approach: 2 of swords rx
Potential future: queen of cups

To me, it looked like for whatever reason this relationship is blocked in moving forward and/or there is an inevitable end to it. I feel her feelings are showing someone who is very on guard, suspicious, and un-trusting. She is probably thinking about it a little too much. I feel his feelings are just out of balance, insecure, and maybe not that he is good enough (or he may be so high on his horse he doesn't think she is good enough). I see the knight of pentacles as an obstacle since it is a very slow, practical, and grounded energy. She may want to move fast but you get rush the knight of pentacles. Her best approach being the 2 of swords made me think she is so wrapped up in her mind that she has no idea what to do and has gotten into a stalemate. She needs to let it go and stopped focusing on it so much. And then at last we get the queen of cups.

Hope this helps, thanks again!
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