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Strength in reference to a Wedding Ceremony

There's a wedding next Saturday between my close friend and his fiancee. The wedding, as of now, is up in the air but I haven't received much communication on it. I did a drawing and had two others do drawings about general impressions while I wait to hear back from him. The same card keeps coming up: Strength.

I hope this is a positive sign but I'm so biased toward what outcome I want I'm reading it wrong. The fool is impressed by the Goddesses ease and subtlety at controlling the lion. I could see the wedding going off without a hitch. But, Strength also reminds me of control and the reason there was a fight was because the groom is a major control freak. It was his idea to propose. It was his idea to get married on Saturday. It was his idea for the venue, the decorations, the ceremony. They grew up on separate sides of the country and instead of having a destination wedding or going to the Bride's area (which would be more traditional), groom decided to have it here. I could see this card like "the lion cub finally found it's voice and roared" and spoke up to the control-freak groom.

So I'm unsure and patiently waiting by the phone. Until then, what does everyone think?
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