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Five of Pentacles as the Accident Card.

I had drawn the Five of Pentacles as my first [and only} daily draw. I did not have the card where it shows the person on crutches. You can imagine my surprise and horror when I fell and broke my leg and ankle bone later that day. I had thought the card meant "Down and out", money issues, etc.

So, it definitely had the unexpected outcome. I honestly don't think I would have even thought I would have done that had I had crutches on my card. It was bizarre and I didn't need surgery. The break I had usually requires surgery. Mine broke perfectly straight and no surgery was needed.

I did use that for the accident card for awhile, but it really didn't always mean that. So, I guess that was just a fluke. lol

If it wasn't for that break/accident though.. I wouldn't have joined AT. I had time to look online because I spent a lot of downtime.

Brightest Blessings!
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