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  • Who is waiting for you on the ground?

    Second time someone asks the question - I'll open myself to the idea that that there is someone waiting for me. Even if I do not know who it is...

  • What do you want to say to them?

    I want to show then how wonderful it is to fly and how beautiful the flowers are up in the trees...

  • When will you leave the nest?

    When i have been able to open my eyes and to look at the flowerbuds

  • Where will you go next?

    Oooh, good question! I have not thought about it, but maybe I will travel with a kite next, hold on to it and let myself be carried...

  • Why can't you climb down?

    That trunk is too steep and has not enough branches - but hey, i have wings! I do not need to climb...

  • How long will you stay?

    As long as I feel is necessary to feel secure. After that I can move on, to new challenges.
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