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Who is waiting for you on the ground?
my loved ones. they are waiting for me so we can be together again.

What do you want to say to them?
that i understand why they did this, putting me in this nest.

When will you leave the nest?
in a moment. when the butterflies in my stomach has more or less settled down.

Where will you go next?
to the fey fair, 2 days flight from here.

Why can't you climb down?
that's why i was put here. i was afraid to use my wings to fly so i was carried up here and i can't go anywhere unless i fly down. i tried climbing down many times but they'd just pluck me off the tree and drop me off here.

How long will you stay?
not much longer. i'm getting awfully hungry and thirsty. besides, i want to be with my family again.
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