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transiting saturn conjunct natal uranus

anyone got any thoughts on this?

this has happened already in recent past to me - my uranus is in leo in my 12th and uranus is quite a strong planet in my chart as it is exactly sextile mercury my chart ruler, (i think mercury and uranus have so much in commmon and work well) also my moon and sextile my venus too and trine my jupiter

ive been a bit depressed recently and had a conflict within me about real life and a possible different future - and i think this reflects it but im not sure why? is it because i want to stay on the side of saturn or because my uranus feels really down - it feels like a catch 22 and i hate the fact im gonna fall down on the side of saturn because thats not me personally although im in middle age and it feels like thing to do - but i feel more uranian cos thats more my spirit if you like though saturn is a strong theme in my chart natally

its like t saturn is giving a good telling off to my uranus which might be ok in some respects but a bit of a damp squid in other respects

oh well its a transit it will pass i know
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