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thanks very much
i feel its a battle between my individuality and society and family expectations at the moment and its very frustrating i feel i could lose my self for good if i just cave in and accept the status quo and what the *norm* is supposed to be though i know that norm is a pile of cr**** really

i will try see if i can put it to good use somehow so i wont look back at 65 and feel so bitter and resentful you could just put me to sleep for my own good and others lol

in a little while when saturn goes into 8 virgo he will be on my ascendant and first house and im not looking forward to that unless i ve pushed him there with my own dreams and stuff and be successful for my own self - otherwise will be another bloody dsyfunctinal living tyranny lol - fingers crossed - both sat/ura are in my 12th and i feel its really important i mean really important now to sort stuff out otherwise i KNOW i will pay for it for rest of my life
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