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Saturn -- he's the guy that writes on walls.

Saturn is the guy that writes on walls. Its hard to ignore his messages. With this transit thru your 12th house as well as over your natal Uranus, you have a double dose of medicine to swallow.

Saturn in the 12th points out that you have to change things in your personal areas of life, or that you may want to consider dropping or thinning-out some obligations and long-standing traditions. Depression with Saturn moving out of the 12th towards the ASCendant is common. For some it points to having ignored the processes of Saturn cleaning out the 12th house. For others it relates to knowing that you have avoided something. Normal depression can be seen as a self-imposed "downer" as a response to not recognizing the inevitable.

On the other hand, Uranus being stepped on by Saturn is not comfortable at all. Uranus is our sense of individualism and uniqueness, the flag that we fly ahead of us as we venture into new areas. Uranus in the 12th links you to great causes and panoramic understanding of social issues. The personal values you have are linked to these -- and Saturn is more of a constricting, personal and relationship level force, less of a real outward facing social force. True, Saturn gives us a "posture model" as to how to behave in the outer world, but Saturn itself is not much of an "out-there" kind of guy. As I said, he writes on walls but he doesn't inspire the masses, doesn't like change that comes from crowds and undefined sources.

Now put these two forces together. You are being pressured to undergo a personal cleansing, getting rid of old friends, posessions, habits and parts of a life style that isn't as well tailored for you as it once was. On the other hand, you may not be able to effectively support or seek some of the individualization processes or projects you were involved in or wished to participate in. This, I suspect, will be a major challenge for you; finding out how immersed you are or can be in greater-than-you issues. You don't have the time, for some reason to deal with sorting this all out. Hence the depression.

One good thing about Saturn is that it likes order and boundaries. Perhaps a schedule of time, allocating so much to this, so much to that -- timewise -- would permit you some breathing room to deal with all the conflictions that are signaled by this transit. Rigidly sticking to a budget of time will also help to sort out priorities.

Everything you have expressed is "right out of the book" so to speak. At this point in your life you are seen as "experienced" and as an "available resource" who can step in to help others. Nobody seems to respect your time, and your need for your own time. Isn't this very Saturn-like? Budgeting time can also apply to setting rules for others in indirect ways. "No I can't take that on now because its more crucial that I continue this prior commitment." "Perhaps later when we can do a better job at this." Good luck. Let us know if we can help in some way. Dave
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