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Originally Posted by miss_yuko
Definitely. It's like people with music...some are born with 'musician ears' "absolute hearing" that allows them to identify instruments, chords and everything. But if the family doesn't have a tradition with music, like having all it's children to learn an instrument, such gift may never become known because the person has had no chance to practice it. Same thing with intuition...i guess the natal chart will tell you if you have the natural gift for that or if you'll have a greater dificulty to learn it. It doesn't make impossible.
Originally Posted by sharpchick
...He says we all have psychic abilities, both receptive and projective, but some of us "flex" our psychic muscles more frequently than others. He feels that the psychic muscle is like any other - if you don't use it, you lose it.
Two excellent points here.

I believe all people have the capacity to operate in the psychic realm; the variance comes in on how this expressed and the level of natural ability versus having to work at attaining it...Yoko's musical talent analogy is excellent.
Carrying it a bit further, there are some people who express their talent in music...even without having received formal training. Then there are others who can indeed learn to play an instrument, but only through hard work and constant practice.

This is the same with psychic gifts. Some are born expressing these things naturally, with no just happens. While others grow into their psychic expression through diligent efforts at opening their intuitive channels.

I think Astrology, Numerology, and Palmistry do reveal patterns for these variations in psychic abilities. They don't ever rule them out...but they can show where there is a natural ability and how it may be expressed.

It's the old Nature versus Nurture argument....I say it's both. It takes a combination of natural ability and the nurturance of the gifts to truly grow in the use of psychic expression.

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