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Originally posted by Macavity
Given these presupposed matches (and all history aside) how indeed would one judge such qualities? Similarity of (static) meaning between the cards and Hebrew letter associations? Macavity
One of the purposes of my Shin post, which letter I chose because it is related in various systems to three different cards [fool, judgement and world] was to show that maybe this method of determining merit may not actually get you very far. Each letter has such a rich depth of associations that it is possible to pick associations that favour your preferred attribution. I managed to collate together a variety of traditional associations [not derived from the Tarot] among which could be found associations with any one of the three it is attributed to. [Of course it should be noted that Mark Filipas does not propose any such esoteric association, but is purely lexiconical and so free of all this somewhat messy and paradoxical symbolic interpretation]. If we were to use this method then how would we judge the merits. List the associations and tick the one with the greater number?

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