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Just a thought

Robert Wang's has summarized perhaps a more generalist view, looking backward, into how perhaps Christian theologians might have began learning about kabbalah topics in a misguided effort of doing conversions:

Given the rather extremist views of some mystics--Savonarola in Ferarra, for example, during Ercole D'Este's time---there might be seeds, buds, branches that would have born later fruit. But tarot history, doesn't the focus actually move to other countries for further developments, following printing? So perhaps the locations of the writing sources being gathered might be interesting, as well as dates. If there are stable Jewish/European centers of prosperity, did the development of card games and printing follow?

However Ercole's reigns had various horrific events and the later 1500s in Italy are known as the century of the Italian wars at least in certain class discussions. The periodic French ruler invasions that began in 1494 subsequently weakened Italian city state stability. Would more stable and prosperous French and German areas be more likely in the development of those who want to follow historical Kabbalistic writings?

Best wishes, hope the ideas apply.

Mari H.
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