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Zodiacal releasing

For this post I'm using the program Zodiacal Aphesis referred to in the previous post. There are two general options - releasing from the Lot of Fortune and releasing from the Lot of Spirit. Releasing from Fortune indicates what the world does to us - that which we cannot control or influence. Releasing from Spirit looks at what we do - that which we can control.

Franniee's Lot of Fortune lies in Aries. So the first period in her life is an Aries period. As we are using a Hellenistic system, whole signs are used and any aspects are whole sign. So even though Franniee's Lot of Fortune is at 20 degrees Aries, she gets the full Aries period of 15 years - the number of years attributed to Mars, its ruler. That will in turn be followed by a Taurus period of 8 Years (Venus has a period of 8 years) and so on.

It should be noted that the Greeks used a 360 day year, even though they were aware that this did not exactly fit the Solar return to Aries. So the years mentioned above do not correspond to modern years - hence my need for the software LOL

We can subdivide these periods - if we do the first sub period of each main period is of the same sign as the main period. Sub periods then continue in sign order. Let's look at Franniee's first few main periods:

First Main - Aries - birth till 24th June 1976
the Taurus - till 13 May 1984
Gemini - till 29 Jan 2004
Cancer - till 19 Sep 2028

Note that the Cancer period squares the sign of the Lot. So Cancer main and sub periods are going to be more stressful than Aries periods, Gemini periods and sub periods are less likely to be stressful as they sextile the Lot. From 29 Jan 2004 till 17 Feb 2006 was the Cancer sub period so this is probably the period of maximum stress during this period. Currently you are in a Sagittarius sub period - from December 2009 through till 23 March 2011. As Sagittarius is trine to the Lot, this should be a relatively good period.

We can explore some of these sub periods in more detail if you would like - remember that we can actually focus right down to particular dates.

We should also consider the triplicity rulers for the Sect ruler - The Moon rules night births, such as yours and your Moon is placed in Libra, and Air sign.

Your Triplicity rulers are therefore Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter in that order. Mercury is in Libra (which opposes the Lot) Saturn is in Capricorn, which squares the Lot and Jupiter is also in Capricorn. This suggests that you will indeed have health problems and that these are more likely either in the main periods ruled by Libra and Capricorn, neither of which you are likely to meet in your lifetime, or in sub periods of Libra and Capricorn and these will indeed be encountered. Recent such periods are early 1984, much of 1991 and the period between February 1994 and May 1996 - the latter being a Capricorn period.

On the other hand Leo periods are likely to be good as Venus is in Leo and therefore trines the Lot. These may well be the best periods if I understand the system

That's an overview - if you wish to check any date please let me know - especially relating to your back accident.

BTW Taking up the point made by Dave in the Solar Return thread we need to bear in mind context and also intensity. Few of us live our lives in the fast lane, with momentous events littering each year. A good period will not bring riches - unless your natal chart suggests it, a bad period will not bring disaster - we are talking in relative terms.

Edited to add

Curt Manwaring has argued that squares may simply represent 'busy' periods when more happens whereas signs that are cadent from the Lot may show relatively little happening. Given that being busy involves some form of stress, that may well be the case.
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