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Anything on Rectification?

I've been working extensively with birth time rectification lately and don't see anything on rectification on any of the lists or on the other astrology forum I frequent. I already have "Rectification of the Birth Time" (AFA, 1954) by Gustav Schwickert but it's poorly printed and hard to use. I also found "The Complete Book of Chart Rectification" by Carol Tebbs on-line but don't know anything about it. I've been using the on-line Rosicrucian material on the Prenatal Epoch with some success and will probably pick up the E.H. Bailey book on the subject. I already use the standard approach of matching major life events to progressions, directions and transits, as well as (to a certain extent) "Ascendant types" and a few obvious "character flags" when I know the native well enough.

Does anyone have a comprehensive, systematic text on rectification they can recommend?
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