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Originally Posted by LRichard View Post
Sorry, I can't follow your reasoning at all.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. ... So the first word of the Bible could be read as "Two kingdoms. ... Two kingdoms, created the Elohim.

Yes, two kingdoms - physical and spiritual. Guess why the card "Moon" has no any person? Because it is the last step of the Fool's journey, when he had all the world (The World) and lost it - four beasts from the Card The World become dogs, cancer and moon-face. I do not mean just moving the Fool from 0 to 21 in a row.
After the card Moon, the Minor Arcana (reincarnated beasts) starts "lifting up" Fool's soul to the Spiritual Kingdom - from Aces to Kings. This story is told in the Revelation as well. If you look at Sola Busca cards (minor Arcana) you will see how the Fool collects all his losses and these pictures are different from Waite's Minor Arcana. I just cannot rely on Waite's tarot as standard.
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