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That's right, no black space in the bordered version... I did it specifically so that it would fill a modern card shape. FLizarrago, the sizing of the images is mostly identical, but of course the bordered version is just that much less authentic than the non-bordered version. The "illuminated" version coming later this year won't be authentic at all, practically a Lombardy in (misspelled) name only!

Le Fanu, yes, Mister Punch is up and running! My sense is that the first decks are just now reaching their homes, so for that reason I haven't had any reaction to it yet. -- At least, I hope that's the reason!

I wonder, does the country of origin make any difference in the customs fees you get hit with? All of my newest decks -- the Lombardy and Punch and the Zirkus Lenormand and Roadshow Edition -- ship from outside the U.S. This may not make any difference at all in customs fees, though... I certainly don't know.


As long as I'm here, I might as well mention that a new tier of deck images has gone up at, teasing three new projects for the latter part of 2015. Okay, one of them isn't so new.

Thanks, everyone!

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