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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
In the later Medieval period there was a belief that the Parts were of Arabic origin (hence Arabic Parts) and this had two effects. Firstly they believed that the Arabs had perverted Astrology from its true form. As Ptolemy was their only real original source of Hellenistic Astrology, they started using his calculation. They also dropped most of the Parts because they were 'not original', as Ptolemy didn't use them.

Secondly, both Ptolemy's calculation (which was used by Lilly in Horary) and the name Arabic Parts were transmitted to Modern Astrology. So you will find many Modern Astrologers, using that calculation rather than the day/night version.

Only in the last twenty or so years have we discovered that the Lots were of Hellenistic origin and that Ptolemy was atypical of Hellenistic Astrologers. I use the day/night version (simply Part of Fortune in Starfisher) but if you don't want the calculation to change with the Sect of the chart, then use Part of Fortune (diurnal).

Virtually all software which calculates the Lot of Fortune offers both alternative ways of calculating it.
Beautiful explanation, I read it with avid curiosity! You are a such a wealth of information.

I cannot go deep in astrology right now, maybe never, but I am left with a strong attraction to the subject. That is why I always read your posts with much pleasure, you have a gift of rendering complicated notions in simple and structured way.

I guess I just wanted to thank you so much for all your time and attention to details in your posts and let you know that you have at least one enthusiastic reader. Maybe someday you will write a book about astrology in your elegant and careful way, that for sure I would have the patience to read it.
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