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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post
This is just my personal view on outers from my experience with horary's....

If an outer is on a house cusp or rising, i read it as being significant. If in a house asked about i.e 7th, ill read as significant, especially if in conjunction with querent or quesited, but other than that i'll just ignore them.....unless in another way they are pointed out to me.
Uranus has been significant in a few of my charts now, not so much pluto and neptune.
I tend to pay more attention to Neptune in horary charts. I can see your points on the outers getting significant when rising or near the cusp from the bounds dignity. When they are degrees after 25, they become melefics. And if they are in angular houses as well.

Anyhow I tend to use them. Just wondered how other people feel about them, and deal with them.
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