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Originally Posted by mahafrins View Post
Sun [5th House] Sun 131 51' 36" Simha
Moon [7th House] Moon 188 2' 21" Tula
Mercury [5th House] Mercury 140 34' 0" Simha
Venus [5th House] Venus 133 32' 43" Simha
Mars [5th House] Mars 130 30' 33" Simha
Jupiter [1st House] Jupiter 5 53' 37" Mesha
Saturn [8th House] Saturn 230 55' 51" Vrischika
Rahu [12th House] Rahu 340 4' 46" Meena
Ketu [6th House] Ketu 160 4' 46" Kanya
Ascendant [8th House] Ascendant 212 10' 19" Vrischika

I understand your questions revolve around your career and work mostly...

You have a jupiter in your first house.... You are an avid reader very inquisitive.... You are usually respected for the person you are...You will always keep learning knowledge and teaching is important to you.. You are going to study all your life...Your personality is naturally spiritual.

Jupiter in your first house directly impacts your 5th house your creativity your 5th house is of mega importance all your life you have Mars Venus Sun and Mercury in the 5th house and thats trust me unque....

Again your thirst for knowledge will bring you ahead and want to take you places...
Mars and mercury will help you channel your energies in the right direction...
While mars is a distracted planet mercury helps in removing distractions...

You are very very hot headed at times...

If you had a kid it could be a boy... Seems like food business would suit you for work in case you ever thought..Your ideal job as per the chart is in the entertainment industry have you thought about it???

If not entertainment politics would suit you...

Moon in 7th house you need attention and pampering like you get hurt easily but which if you have currently lost your moral you will have to work hard to regain this moral...This is more for your marriage or relationship where you will always try and seek perfection...

You have a ketu in the 6th house this affects health and well being and yes you are best suited to move overseas... Your self is continuously challenged. Sociall work is very important... you have to some times work without receiving gain.. You have to always fight your life and the life of others... You have to get rid of the evil energy around you then you will progress... If someone harms you you ought to take revenge seeing this planet... Health may have issues but your fight is to over come them...

Saturn in 8th house life has so much of a struggle for you... especially in career... Life path is very harsh....Do you have problems with your father? This is what causes worries, disappointments and accidents .. You can reduce the effect by the following remedies...

Keep a square piece of silver with you... Also be kind to elders and social work will probably help you achieve your goals and may reduce your obstacels..
I myself have a saturn in my eight house and the struggle in my legal career has truely killed me... So i know how it can be... depending on the degree of the planets... But you have to keep at itt.. Saturn will break you but you have to rebuild every time...

You have to be very inclined towards travel with Rahu in 12th house you may be detached from family and may even run from it... I think you will get obstacles here too.. by which you will have high mental pressure every now and then...

Please give me your feed back ...

I hope you know why you struggle in your life now... and you may ask how to deal with it..
Thank you for your effort and precision, your interpretation is certainly accurate and to the point.

I’ve been in education pretty much non-stop, however now am facing an obstacle in this area. Standard learning has not been as fulfilling for me as self study, away from schools. I love leaning, whilst not feeling the pressures of frameworks and expectations. I’ve always been hungry to expand my horizons through knowledge that isn’t typically taught to the masses. I can’t say that my extensive studying has taken me places though, perhaps one day. I’m a very avid reader!

I’m hyper emotional rather than angry. But perhaps my chart says otherwise, a lot to think about…I’ve sought help with this on & off, but feel it is best to work through it alone.
Professionally, I’ve worked with artists and in PR. Always been drawn to creative environments.

I’ve moved far away from my birthplace at a very young age. Been striving to make that change again.

Charity work is a passion and that’s something I’ve been involved in since my early teens. Working for peanuts has been my story thus far. There have been career restrictions, sometimes to the point of sheer terror. Why must my earning potential be so screwed up?
You were very on point to identify familial detachment, along with issues with the father figure.

Your analysis has brought up a few questions, would it be alright if I PM those to you?

Thanks again for your excellent interpretation of my chart.
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