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Originally Posted by morphine View Post
Thank you for your effort and precision, your interpretation is certainly accurate and to the point.

Iíve been in education pretty much non-stop, however now am facing an obstacle in this area. Standard learning has not been as fulfilling for me as self study, away from schools. I love leaning, whilst not feeling the pressures of frameworks and expectations. Iíve always been hungry to expand my horizons through knowledge that isnít typically taught to the masses. I canít say that my extensive studying has taken me places though, perhaps one day. Iím a very avid reader!

Iím hyper emotional rather than angry. But perhaps my chart says otherwise, a lot to think aboutÖIíve sought help with this on & off, but feel it is best to work through it alone.
Professionally, Iíve worked with artists and in PR. Always been drawn to creative environments.

Iíve moved far away from my birthplace at a very young age. Been striving to make that change again.

Charity work is a passion and thatís something Iíve been involved in since my early teens. Working for peanuts has been my story thus far. There have been career restrictions, sometimes to the point of sheer terror. Why must my earning potential be so screwed up?
You were very on point to identify familial detachment, along with issues with the father figure.

Your analysis has brought up a few questions, would it be alright if I PM those to you?

Thanks again for your excellent interpretation of my chart.
Please go ahead....
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