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Sacred Circle Study Group Off To a New Start!

It's all Red Emma's fault!
She posted a question about the rebith/Judgement card in this deck, and we had so much fun that the whole deck is now up for review!

The Plan ( in as much as we have one) is to do the cards in order of
  • Puzzlement
  • Interest
  • Random Draw
And so far no decision has been made as to how long we spend on any card or much other left-brain stuff.

One of the semi-left brain things I am hoping for is that we do this delving into the Celtic Symbology that makes this deck so rich, and so different than the RWS decks - it only looks like a clone. Really.

We already have a thread on Rebirth/Justice, and one on the Icky-ness of the Images, (BADDDD Red Emma..) and will split off one on the Warrior/Strength hopefully later today, or anyway, soon.

We hope lots of you will want to get involved in this study group!
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