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Originally Posted by WalesWoman View Post
"All Fired Up and ready to go" sounds like a good description.

I'm thinking of how you get a couple people together and the way one idea can take on a life of it's own once they get going and into it...except Spears are Air. Darn. So maybe it's the partnership of building on ideas rather than the firey exchange of them. More of a democratic process based on respect and harmony.
I thought this too, until I looked up the symbolism of Birch

In Nature Speak by Ted Andrews he says...
The birch tree... awakens the energy of new beginnings and cleansing of the past. She (Lady of the Woods) will help us manifest opportunities to clear out old ideas, those things that are no longer beneficial. She speaks to us of a need to keep our energy and efforts purposeful.
When we have something in common with another we hit it off quite well and can easily spend several hours just talking and enjoying one another. Also, when our purpose is focused on the welfare of others, we tend to express concern and be more open to discussion.

Reversed: if either Bedivere or Kay had felt more superior than the other, or if one felt he had a deeper understanding of the topic, then the conversation between these great knights may have become more aggressive creating a communication barrier and possibly arguments would have ensued.
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