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Wow, thanks for sharing this, Wood33! This is definitely cool. I just tried it two times. I hope I'm doing it right.
The first time I reached the third pile before I got an Ace as the 5th card, third pile. So I took that as a "most likely not." I stopped dealing at that.

The second time, for another question, the first card I pulled was an Ace. I wasn't sure if I stop there, or keep going? So the second card was another Ace. I was taking this as a yes. But I kept going because I wasn't sure if I was to stop. I got the Magician on the 12th card in the pile, and took this as a strong yes. I pulled the 13th card, just to finish the pile to see if there was another Ace, there wasn't. I didn't continue with 2 more piles, I just took my answer I got in the first pile.

Is that correct, or am I supposed to continue making 3 piles and then compare the balancing of where the Aces/Mage are?

EDIT: I tried again, and in first pile got none; second pile got one Ace; third pile got one Ace.
Was I supposed to continue with 3 piles in this case? If so, how would you interpret this? Thanks!
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