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I tend to avoid seeking "yes/no" answers from the tarot (because I'd rather not know, haha) but this method seems to leave enough wiggle room to keep me comfortable.

I just gave it a try for a "Are X and Y still happy with their relationship with each other?" and got the Ace of Swords, the Ace of Pentacles, and then a stack of 13 ending with the Sun. I take that as a "Pretty much, yes!" answer--but like any relationship, nothing is absolutely perfect, so the "no" stack isn't too surprising.

Question: do the cards on top of each stack retain any of their standard meanings beyond yes or no? Like, would the Ace of Swords as a "yes" also indicate that there is continued intellectual satisfaction or good communication in the relationship I asked about? Do you have to take into account the type of card that ends the "No" stack?


Edit: this isn't meant to be a "give me feedback on my reading" question. Don't want to violate the rules.
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