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Hi floracove,
Actually we're working with the "Warrior" right now. The swords are there from a previous incarnation of this group, that Sulis kindly dug up and indexed for us. I' m sure we will be going through them and adding to them in time, but for now, we're doing the cards in the order of puzzlement, Interest, random draw.

Red Emma was puzzeled about the warrior, so we're doing her. Next we'll do another card that someone else finds real puzzeling, or very interesting...if there isn't one of those, we'll do a random draw for a card to do next.

We just thought it would be more intersting to do it this way than to be methodical about it.

I really really Hope this will work for you, and all of us.

Hope to see you on the Warrior thread with what you think of the Warrior/Strength card other than her outfit! (I personally think we've done a thourough job on her outfit, being women...)

There are a lot of questions about this card that we havent hardly touched on at all. What does she say to you, what do you think her life is like, how does she express strength to you, since she is so different from the traditional strength? Come to that, does she express strength to you, at all? Why does she have her sword up? Do you think she relates to todays women warriors, or the onbgoing multi-cultural tradition of Spiritual warriors?

I'm really hoping that people will get into talking about each of the cards in more depth. We all have so much to teach each other, each coming from our unique perspective

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