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Originally Posted by Rosanne
Well here is the crux of the matter I guess for me. I am not disputing the Waite believed that and then went to influence Pamela C- S. with his thoughts and writings. I do not believe that myself. It is like my attempt to associate Tarot with the Phoenician alphabet symbols- you have to make 'reasonable modifications' to make it fit.
Rosanne, I agree with you completely. I don't agree with Waite that the Hallows and the Tarot Talismans are "the same." However, I like the idea of their being archetypally related, matching Jung's idea of the elemental nature of the quaternity (elemental meaning "constituting the basic idea of wholeness as experienced on the earth plane"). But, that's what I "like," not necessarily what's real historically.

However, my interest in this topic is not about the world's historical truth, rather it's about what Waite (& Smith) intended for and subtly (or not so subtly) put into the RWS tarot deck.

I propose that vitally important clues to Waite's intention, that have been overlooked, lie in the Grail book(s). I think that this subtle, yet deep, intention is part of the reason why the deck has had such a powerful, lasting influence. It is archetypally sound and echoes the threads of the great mysteries that are part of what Waite calls "The Secret Tradition."
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