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Originally Posted by Teheuti
It is not impossible that some persons who adopted its terminology may have used it on their own part in a sense which differed from others, so that there may have been two schools of practitioners." The Holy Grail (1933), p. 408.
Does he mean Theosophical alchemists (like Rosicrucians) and metallurgists/chemists? Or does he mean diviners/fortune tellers and theosophical alchemists?

If this applies equally to the Tarot Minors (which Waite calls 'Talismans' and equates with a 'School of Symbolism') then we can surely imagine Waite saying exoterically that the deck is simply for divination and fortune-telling, while he is personally aware of a deeper significance, a second 'school of practitioners.'
So he is saying that if he is the architect of the Talismans/minors in some part- the images will conceal the truth? If this is so, why is he designing in part the Talismans/Minors? For us dumb bunnies who will never see the truth?
Or when he writes is he trying to say nothing?- you know that old chestnut "Obscure idioms"?
Feeling a little annoyed with him as usual.
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