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Sorry for not replying sooner, but I've been busy as a bee lately. I got my Vargo in November 2003, almost a year ago. My deck did stink for months when I got it. The stock is thin and fragile, but obviously thicker than paper. I'm always worried I might fold one card accidently. The cards do wear off, but maybe it's because the cards are black and the scratches show off more easily. I don't use The Gothic as often as Alissa though. I got Madame Eudora's Fortune Cards and the deck at the same time and the cards are the same as The Gothic. I did check the thickness and it's a bit less than 3 cm large.

Because of the deck's fragility, and my love for it, and also because it's an independant and small company that might not sell the deck for years and years like a big one, I bought a second deck a few months ago. As for the new deck, it stinks like the one I bought almost a year ago. It has the same stock as the one I have, thin 3 cm large. I don't see any difference between my deck and the new one I bought.

And yes, my advice for those who love The Gothic is to buy a second deck while they are still selling them.
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