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Dali's attributions are based upon those of Pierre Piobb, who was popular with, and an influence upon, several leading surrealists including not only Dali but André Breton and Pierre Mabille. Mabille, editor and contributor of various surrealist magazines, including Minotaur with Breton, to which Dali was a regular contributor, was interested in Hermetica and a student of Piobbs, and Breton and Dali were probably introduced to the work of Piobb via him.


Adaptation de l'Alphabet hébreu an Tarot (succession des cartes dites Lames majeures).

1 aleph le mage Soleil.
2 beth la porte du temple Lune.
3 ghimel Isis Uranie la Terre.
4 daleth la pierre cubique Jupiter.
5 hé le maître des arcanes Mercure.
6 vau les deux routes la Vierge.
7 zaîn le char d'Osiris le Sagittaire,
8 heth Thémis la Balance.
9 teth la lampe voilée Neptune.
10 iod le sphinx le Capricorne.
11 caph le lion le Lion.
12 lamed le sacrifice Uranus.
13 mem la faux Saturne.
14 noun le génie humain le Verseau.
15 samech le typhon Mars.
16 haïn la tour foudroyée le Bélier.
17 pe l'étoile des mages Vénus.
18 Tsadé le crépuscule le Cancer.
19 coph la lumière les Gémeaux.
20 resh le réveil des morts les Poissons.
21 shin la couronne le Taureau.
22 Tau le crocodile le Scorpion.

end quote from p.107 Formulaire de Haute Magie by Pierre Piobb

The astrological associations aren't related to any tradition correspondence of such with the hebrew letters. Frequently they appear to be matched with the imagery of the cards, e.g., Temperance = aquarius the water bearer because of the two cups, the sun is Gemini because of the two youths, Moon is cancer because of the crustacean and being the traditional sign of the moon, extending on the logic of the G.D. in that strength must be leo because of the lion, justice is libra because of the scales

(Chr = Paul Christian)

The other tarot C.P-T. refers to is the Alfredo Fermin Cemillan / Maritxu Erlanz de Güler* 'Tarot de Euskalherria' (Basque Country Tarot) published by Fournier:

Note the above table of Piobb's is also reproduced in:

The Occult Sciences: High Magic
The Encyclopedia of Occult Sciences
Introduction by M.C. Poinsot.

Where you can also find Picard's descriptions of the cards, which also were the basis of Guler's El Gran Esoterica, suggesting the possibility that Guler's use of Piobb in the attributions for the Basque Country Tarot and of Picard's for El Gran Esoterica were both sourced indirectly from the French version of this encylcopedia, rather than directly from their writings. Whatever, it is clear the attributions of Guler's Spanish decks and Dali's are based in the French esoteric traditions of Piobb and Picard, and not to some hirtherto unknown 'Spanish Tradition'.

Both Picard and Piobb were astrologers, and Picard was a member of the Société d'astrology founded by Piobb with Charles Barlet in 1906.


* Maritxu Erlanz de Güler - The Good Witch of Ulia (d.1993) - shame there is not much information on Maritxu, from what little I have read of her (none of which in English), she sounds like she was a fascinating woman.
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