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Originally Posted by RedMaple
I think there is also this other aspect of the Devil as light-bringer (so we can see our bondage and escape), as a Pan-figure (so we can connect to our erotic, physical bodies that have been so repressed), but I think that in order to really encompass the range of human experience, we need the cards that show the negative forces in our lives. For me, as I said, I think of addictions, enabling behaviors, relationships that bring out the worst in us. Though the Devil comes to us through a Christian tradition that I don't accept, I can read it metaphorically in the Tarot.
Hmmmm...that's a great way of putting it. It think I've just got to get over my "Disneyfied" version of the devil in my mind. I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but this is the reason why I like Jane Lyle's (Renaissance Tarot) devil card. It's more playful.
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