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Originally Posted by foolMoon View Post
So readers get lost. For example, he talks about Einstein's relative theory in very first few pages of the BoT. If one is not familiar with Einstein and his relative theory, then would get lost what he is on about.

Just to be sure, you are talking about the short passage on pages 3 and 4? If so I fail to see your point. How anyone could be lost after reading that is a mystery to me. No knowledge of Relativity is implied. In fact you could drop "Einstein" and "Relativity" from that passage and it would make no difference.

"Generic scientific theory X does not rest on the fact that, when it was put to the test, it was confirmed."

This is true of all scientific theories, not just Relativity. Crowley just used Relativity as an example. An example that would have been widely discussed in his day by all manner of people.
Originally Posted by foolMoon View Post
Same with Dionysus and Isis and all the myriad of things he is bringing into the Trump discussions.
I see a great excuse to brush up on a little mythology. What's the problem with that? It can only broaden your knowledge and provide another perspective.
Originally Posted by foolMoon View Post
That distinction of beginner and advanced is fuzzy and vague in metaphysical subjects such as Tarot, Cabala or Magic, if not impossible to define.
You're either starting from a position of prior knowledge (of which there may be varying degrees), or you're starting from scratch and building up from the very basics.

As you point out, The Book of Thoth is lacking in many of the basics. In fact they are there, but they are presented in a very minimalist way. If you're already familiar with the basics of lets say Qabalah, then Crowley says more than enough on the subject. If you don't know it all that well, it might 'appear' that Crowley doesn't cover it in enough detail. (This is your gripe.) But do a little study and then return to The Book of Thoth, and I guarantee you that it will read like a completely different book.
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