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I am not trying to let BoT down, or criticise. Even if I might, its importance and greatness will be intact from any such attempts. But what I am saying is, that if one is looking for meaty information for Thoth Tarot in conjunction with Tree of Life in Book of Thoth, he might not be very successful in the task, because of the scarcity of the information in there.

Tree of Life and the core origin of Kabbalah is based on the monotheistic Cristian religion, which the author of BoT had been against most of his life. I would guess this is the part of the reason, or maybe he was pressed for time getting the book published?

By all means, he mentions Kabbalah and Tree of Life in BoT in various places, albeit in cautious and disinterested manner it seems.

I agree, one is better studying Kabbalah from other sources, familiarise oneself to it, and marry it with Thoth Tarot as the way he wants refering to BoT whenever in doubt.
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