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Im no expert, just a lover of these decks!

In a nutshell, I guess (just my impressions) that as the Soprafino and Neoclassico come from the early/mid 19th Century I feel that in terms of artwork they have that Classical / academic tradition or even - in the case of the Soprafino - little baroque touches. I feel that both these decks have a "high art" feel which distinguishes them from a lot of decks which have a more rough and "popular" feel.

The Tarot of the Master /di Vacchetta is from the latter part of the century and - to me, anyway - has more of a high Victoriana feel. It feels more whimsical, artsy, craftsy and not at all academic in the artwork. Almost like book illustrations. The medium is different too. The fact that it is (I think) watercolour makes it feel more expressive than an engraved deck.
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