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Thanks for the info Le Fanu, that makes it much clearer. I'd love to get myself the Il Meneghello versions of these decks but for now I'll have to be content with the ones I have.....when they arrive

faunabay, the Tarot of the Master is wonderful I can say this here because it's not the de-enabling thread. It seems to be getting a bit harder to find, not sure if it's actually OOP or not, but if you are interested it's probably worth getting now to avoid missing out. I really love reading with it, thanks for the compliment by the way. There is just so much to work with in the minors and although it's quite a different style to the 'Soprafino' type decks it's still very expressive. I love it. I think that the beauty of working with it is that you need to just go with your own intuition because what the symbols mean is completely open to interpretation as nothing was ever written by the creator....that I know of anyway.
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