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The multiple-view of the six of wands.

Following my suggestion in another thread, I'd like to offer a few brief comments on this card alone.

1) In terms of viewing this card in a SITUATIONAL or ACTION sense: One has a mission to open new doors, to deliver an important message. Care must be taken in how one proceeds, there should be no rush to complete this task but instead one should move forward deliverately but not aggressively. You carry a message or an idea or opportunity that is bigger than you and the moment.

2) In terms of BASIC VALUES and BELIEFS: Be proud of the values you carry and do not bestow or share your values on/with others without being careful and deliberate. Some are not ready to recieve something new and valuable.

3) In terms of RELATIONSHIPS: Trust and reciprocal values are built slowly. Do not fear to be first in opening possibilities, and offer that which you value so others can value what you value. Shared values and ideas are the basis for a relationship.

4) In terms of ASPIRATIONS and GOALS: Deliberative and focused progress will lead you forward. Follow what you value. Value that which you follow. You can see the vision, the goal -- and you know the reason for moving ever forward. Don't be distracted.

5) In terms of an OUTCOME or RESULTS card: You will need to consider fulfilling your quest or vision by proceeding with your plan. You will need to give something of yourself to those worthy of receiving it. Make progress toward this goal at every opportunity, do not deviate, stop or pass "Go". (A referecne to the Monopoly board game).

Depending upon which context the card has within the spread, within the question, these four approaches to understanding this card may be helpful in communicating with the client that part of the story. Dave.
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